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Workshops and courses at North Star Lodge, Whistable
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Prepare for the ultimate sound experience combing sacred sound with the EESystem bio-active field including “scalar waves”.

Sunday 24 March

Sunday 21 April

Sunday 19 May

£20 per session

2.30 pm - 3.30 pm

Sound bath at North Star Lodge, Whistable

With Andrea Roye from Heal and Transform

If you wish to book the space for one of your

workshops/courses please

contact Victoria

on 07926 110636 

Snow Moon Cacao Ceremony

With the striking snow moon on the horizon, February promises to be a month of transformation and growth, with plenty of opportunities for introspection and mindful action. 

The second full moon of the year and the final full moon of winter, the snow moon is a perfect time to prepare for new beginnings. This full moon in Virgo is helping you discern your thoughts and feelings,  and surrender what you don't need to carry into spring. 

Come join us and elevate your vibration in the enchanting ambience of our Snow Moon Ceremony with the energy enhancement therapy where we will connect with the nurturing plant medicine that is mamá Cacao. 
Allow this frequency to inspire you towards taking the small, practical steps to set goals, dedicate yourself, and revel in the magic as you manifest abundance.

Saturday 24th February 

 7pm - 9pm
£33  (includes journal) 

Limited to 6 people 

Sunday Rest Sound Bath & EE System

With Lady Lara

Please send energy exchange (payment)
to PayPal as friends and family 

Contact Lady Laura on WhatsApp 07703631622 to reserve your space.

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