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for Dr Sandra Rose Michael

"The North Star symbolises finding something special or finding your way through the night.

For me it symbolises coming back to self and shining your light, raising the frequency in yourself and others.


Find your true north and help others shine.




Three years ago I had a vision. Through darkness, I walked blind, guided by an invisible force. A beautiful voice whispered “A light in the dark.” A radiant star appeared, shining white light down on a little lodge. These three years I have been manifesting this cabin of light, with the intention of hosting a technology merging science and spirituality to promote wellness and bring hope to those who seek it.

Then I found the EESTYSTEM and it all made sense, the power within each of us to regenerate, can be reset with the help of the scalar wave technology. Adding this to Reiki and Meditation was perfect - helping others heal is a dream come true.

I am so grateful to Dr Sandra Rose Michael for creating this revolutionary device and to Jason Shurka for being my North Star, shining light on the existence of the EE SYSTEM. I am so thankful to my family for believing in this vision and helping it come to fruition. I am very excited to welcome you all to North Star Lodge, to bathe in scaler waves and bio photonic light.


I look forward to walking a small part of your path with you. Just imagine what you can manifest when you trust your dreams and shine your light.


I see the light in you."

Victoria Rose - Founder of North Star Lodge


for Victoria Rose - Founder of North Star Lodge

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