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Insd of North Star Lodge Whitstabe

Thank you for a very soothing and healing evening with the energy enhancement system and the angelic singing bowls.

Victoria Rose has created an incredibly peaceful and healing atmosphere and she is ready to welcome you with arms wide open and a comforting cup of tea.

L Jacobs

You can feel the energy waves as soon as you walk in. So relaxing and feel so much better afterwards

Jesse N.

Cannot thank Vickie enough for providing this amazing relaxing healing space, I have been travelling up to London for the EE System treatment and now its on my doorstep. You are a blessing.



Former President of American Computer Science Association Formerly contract consultant with At&T Bell Labs, CitiCorp, IGM, US Deprt. of Defense

“In thirty years I have never seen anything running on computers that will provide beneficial side effects. However, after looking at the EESystem technology for over one year, there are no flaws or deception of any type. There appears to be some form of inter-dimensional or high super scalar energy being generated, which when a person sits i a room with the EESystem technology running, their entire life force improves. When we looked at water, after it had been charged in the EESystem room, it fundamental nature had changed. It’s permeability index increased and the surface tension decreased. Food energized by this technology will be treated by the body as more absorbable. When we processed the hydrologist test, we found that something very interesting was happening to the hydrogen atom in the water. The energy covalent level of each hydrogen atom had increased when measured by our spectrographs. In fact the hydrogen was exhibiting some of the characteristics of heavy hydrogen, although the aspects were very positive. After I personally sat in an EESystem room, I felt very revitalized, refreshed, invigorated and relaxed.”


Watch the testimonies from centre owners around the world. Grab some tissues you might need them!

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